Welcome Message by SMF Awards Organising Chairman

The Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs) have been rolled out on the Committee of the Future Economy’s recommendation to help companies drive innovation and productivity in a rapidly changing economic climate.

Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) is pleased to launch the third edition of the SMF Awards. The Awards will pay tribute to successful companies that have stood out in their innovative, sustainable or collaborative efforts.

The SMF Awards comprises three categories: SMF Sustainable Growth Award; SMF Business Model Innovation Award; SMF Collaborative Partnership Award, with a new segment, SMF-RHB Collaborative Partnership Award (ASEAN) 2018, to include companies with collaboration with ASEAN partners.

The SMF Sustainable Growth Award honours companies that have achieved sustainable business growth and profitability.

The SMF Business Model Innovation Award addresses the importance of innovating one’s business model to create, capture and deliver value to the business.

The SMF Collaborative Partnership Award recognises industry leaders that have engaged in fostering close partnerships with their supply chain companies to undergo capability and capacity advancement. Amid rising business costs and competitions from both developing and developed countries, our local companies must collaborate to seek new growth opportunities. Be it to venture overseas or to promote an innovation-based industrial cluster, the SMF Collaborative Partnership Award and SMF-RHB Collaborative Partnership Award (ASEAN) 2018 aim to encourage more of such collaborative efforts to strengthen the industry’s value chain.

On behalf of SMF, I urge companies especially those in the manufacturing industry to participate in the SMF Awards 2018.


Philip Lee
Chairman, SMF Awards
Organising Committee


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