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SMF Awards is a platform for companies to showcase their exemplary leadership and business acumen. It aims to recognise companies for their outstanding achievements in attaining quality business growth and profitability through innovative business model and use of best practices.


Recognises companies which demonstrated adaptability to different economic situations and growing their businesses and profitability over the long term

Recognises companies which achieved success in transforming their business models

Recognises industry leaders who championed the development of and fostered close partnerships with their supply chain companies

SMF - RHB Collaborative Partnership Award (ASEAN) 2018NEW

Recognises companies who benefitted from their close collaboration with their ASEAN supply chain companies and is a sub-category of the SMF Collaborative Partnership Award

What Our Award Winners Say

"Winning the award not only gives the team a big recognition, importantly it let us know that someone out there believe in our dream. They believe in our vision, our strategies, our technology, our commitment and our young team. When you believe in us, our goals naturally aligned."

SMF Sustainable Growth Award 2016
SME Category Distinguished Winner

Mr Sam Chee Wah
General Manager,
Feinmetall Singapore Pte Ltd

"Syspex is proud to be a believer of Business Model Innovation. Since our humble beginnings 22 years ago, innovation has been evident in our daily business operations. Throughout the years, continuous innovation has allowed us to become one of the leading packaging distribution companies in South East Asia. We strongly believe that continuous Business Model Innovation is essential in today’s rapidly changing business environment. It is an exciting and rewarding journey that SMEs need to embark on to remain profitable and sustainable in the long run."

SMF Business Model Innovation Award 2014
Award Winner

Mr Roger See
Managing Director,
Syspex Technologies

"Partnerships and collaborations are key tenets of ST Engineering’s way of business.

For our TeLOS-1 satellite, we partnered with several local enterprises for its development and manufacturing. For these enterprises to participate in the space industry, it is critical they have stringent processes, disciplined documentation and fail-safe quality assurance. Through our collaborations, we assisted them in training, certification and capability build-up to perform space-qualified engineering works.

By working with more local enterprises, we are confident of building a thriving eco-system for the space business in Singapore."

SMF Collaborative Partnership Award 2016
Distinguished Winner

Mr Lee Fook Sun
Retired from ST Engineering since July 2017
Deputy CEO & President,
Defence Business

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